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The Digital Map Generator RN7 is an integral part of the EuroNav 7 Situational Awareness and Mission Management System. It is a high performance avionics computer with the flexibility to meet varying integration requirements sets a new benchmark.

When installed as a stand-alone system, the RN7, operating EuroNav 7 software is a completely independent Situational Awareness and Mission Management System with numerous functions and features. When integrated with existing avionics and sensors the value of the RN7 increases significantly. A wide range of electrical interfaces and video outputs allow integration in virtually any platform, either fixed or rotary wing.

Interacting with systems such as Electro-Optic Sensors, SatComs, AIS-Transponders, Flight Management Systems and other avionics or sensors, offers handling of data from various sources and gives the system operator a complete overview.

OEMs and customers worldwide have selected the RN7 for their missions. Qualifications and certifications to aviation standards along with obsolescence management guarantees long-term usability as well as high quality service and support.


- Dual head functionality - two independent video outputs and controls for pilot/co-pilot or pilot/operator


- Multiple slots for extension modules - additional functionality in the RN7 and potential for future growth

- Wide range of electrical interfaces - connection to a growing variety of avionics systems and sensors on board

- Several video interfaces - analog and digital, support for existing and new cockpit architectures

- GPS/GLONASS/Galileo - flexibility and redundancy

- 3G/UMTS - communication out of the box

- WLAN - wireless upload of updates and recorded data

- Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - standard feature on board of the RN7

- Compact and lightweight design - saves space and weight

- Slide in mounting tray - easier installation and maintenance

- Qualified according to RICA DO-160F

- Designed according to RICA DO-254 Level C

- EASA ETSO-C165, MO C-113 (FAA TSO-C165, TSO-C113)


Technical Specifications

General Data
Model Name: RN7
Weight: 2.8 kg (excluding connector covers and storage medium/s)
Dimensions max.: 196.68 (H) x 60.4 (W) x 358.2 (D) mm
Operating Voltage input: 28V DC (nominal); 22-30.3V DC (according to RTCNDO-160F, Section 16 Cat. B— Normal Operation)
Mounting Attitude: Vertical and horizontal
Mounting Method: Optional available tray HNR

Slot A for 2.5" compatible mass storage devices (SSD), SATA II
Slot B for either a second mass storage device or for a Extension Module
Slot C (slots C1-C4 for Micro-SD cards (2x); SIM card slots (2x) for 3G/UMTS applications) Slot D/E for Extension Modules

Electrical Interfaces
4 x RS-422 Serial Interface
6 x RS-232 Serial Interface
3 x USB 2.0 compatible interface
12 xARINC 429 Interface (4xOUT / 8xIN)
2 xARINC 708 Interface (2xIN; e.g. for Weather Radar applications)
3 x Gigabit Ethernet Interface
4 x Analog / Digital Converter Interface
1 x SDI copied output either from User-1 or User-2 (user selectable)
1 x Healthy Bit Interface
2 x Control Unit Interface (for User-1 and User-2)
Several audio in- and outputs

Video Interfaces
2 x RGB output supplying either VGA or STANAG 3350 (Dual-Head GPU)
2 x TMDS (DVI-D / HDMI compatible) graphic interface (Dual-Head GPU)
2 x Composite video output featuring PAL/NTSC (Dual-Head GPU)
1 x Composite video input featuring PAL/NTSC
2 x SDI Out graphic interface (Dual-Head GPU)

Antenna Interfaces
1 x shared GNSS radio-frequency input for either GPS/GALILEO or GPS/GLONASS antennas
1 x optional GNSS radio-frequency input for TSO certified GPS antennas (certified receiver engine)
2 x optional antenna interfaces for WLAN and UMTS applications



The CLN8 Control Unit provides an efficient MMI. The design of the CLN8 is very intuitive and can be controlled with one hand. The multi-function knob combines rotary, push and joystick functionality. It allows the operator to scroll, insert information, call up functions and much more without losing eye contact with the screen or the outside world. Dedicated functions can be selected with one key stroke via eight direct access keys. Key illumination is NVIS compatible and dimmable.