Production-Commercial Firm “STORK” Limited (PCF “STORK” Ltd.), Kyiv, Ukraine, unifies a certified Aircraft Maintenance (Part-145) and a Designing (Ukrainian Aviation Regulations - UAR, Part-21) Organizations.

The Firm’s main fields of activity are:

  • designing and certifying at the Civil Aviation Authorities changes of aircraft type design per the Supplemental Type Certificate Procedure (UAR, Part 21, Subpart E1) (Designing Organization Approval Certificate UA.21J.0018);
  • aircraft maintenance (Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate (Part-145) № UA.145.0076) in accordance to aircraft manufacturer’s and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) holder’s service bulletins and other technical documentations of aircraft designers and manufacturers;
  • selling own service bulletins on aircraft modifications according to the STCs held;
  • maintenance of aircraft components (Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate (Part-145) № UA.145.0076) in accordance to technical documentations of component designers and manufacturers;
  • sales and deliveries of aircraft avionics and ground service equipment;
  • engineering services for third parties:

- analyzing possibility and evaluating expediency of a planned aircraft modification;

- designing aircraft modifications and supporting them at the civil aviation authorities on the subcontract basis;

- certification services (developing certification documents such as certification basis, compliance documents, compliance check-list and others).

The Firm’s success is determined by its product – service bulletin issued, maintenance made or equipment delivered – technically advanced, meeting the national and international norms of quality, safety and technical level and which is delivered to the customer timely and in full accordance to the order made.

The Firm’s advantage points are:

- significant experience of successful work;

- competent end professional team of specialists having experience of work at the leading enterprises of aviation industry and capable to perform any task within the fields the Firm acts in;

- compact and flexible structure that allows to easily tune up to complexity and scale of a task to perform. This significantly lessens terms and costs of work and, correspondingly, overall price for a customer;

- wide list of approved works and almost limitless potential to widen it;

- established and approved, by the Civil Aviation Authority, procedures and standards of work, quality system.