Immutable policy of PCF STORK is that any of our clients or customers are entitled to and receives a comprehensive technical support of any product or service purchased.

Products PCF STORK provides technical support throughout its life cycle as the warranty and post-warranty period.

Support under warranty

"PCF" STORK" provides a standard one-year warranty on all work performed. The guarantee is granted on the basis of a contract to perform work which contains a section "Guarantee".

On component parts (KI), are part of the delivered product, warranty of the manufacturer / supplier of CI, if any, equal to or greater than one year, or standard warranty "PCF" STORK" if the manufacturer's warranty / supplier of components is less than one year, or is absent.

At KI sold "PCF" STORK" separately, and finished goods (GI) and manufacturer's warranty / suppliers of components.

To declare a warranty case for the implementation of this or put CI or GI, please fill in and send us the appropriate occasion request: PTA or PTA-CI-HA. Your request will be reviewed by our specialists as soon as possible, and we will take all necessary measures to restore the health of the product and the resolution of warranty case.

Support after the warranty period

According to the established in the "PCF" STORK" policy, technical support and product sold is carried out after the warranty period for the product life cycle.

To solve the technical issues associated with our products, please use the request PTA or PTA-CI-HA.

Simple technical issues can be resolved by phone or e-mail for free. The solution of complex technical issues, including the restoration of serviceability or products requires conclusion of the treaty with "PCF" STORK".

On request, the subject of this contract may be constant technical support for the entire post-warranty period of the life cycle of our product, or one-time fix the problem.

In any case, our client or customer can be 100% sure that the technical problems of any level of complexity will be solved "PCF" STORK" in the shortest possible time and with proper quality.