Remote VOR/LOC/GS Navigation Receiver RN3320













Remote VOR/LOC/GS Navigation Receiver RN3320

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This VOR/ILS receiver enables pilots and installations engineers to customize the VHF radios in any aircraft to provide. The ideal combination of performance and low cost, provides the best value and operating characteristics for any particular aircraft and mission profile.

The system is ideally suited for installations where minimum panel space is to be used. It utilizes a small lightweight CU 5301 control unit, which fits into standard 2 ?” (57mm) round instrument panel cut-out, and is only 2 ?” deep.

Lightweight remote receivers, with VOR/LOC, VOR/LOC/GS capabilities are mated with this control unit, to complete a system. These receivers can be installed at any convenient place in the aircraft. The CU 5301 control unit offers a clear, high contrast, double line LCD-display, which is readable under all lighting conditions, even in bright sunlight.

Both active and preset frequencies are displayed, and can be transferred by a single stroke of the “Flip-Flop” button. Up to 20 preset frequencies can be easily entered in channel mode from the front panel, and stored in a non volatile memory. Parallel/seraial outputs are provided for automatic DME channelling. The steering signals and flag drive outputs are compatible with most commonly used CDI, HIS, Flight Director and Autopilot Systems.

All systems will be JTSO certified for either VFR or IFR use in all types of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, and comply with the stringent ICAO requirements Annex 10, FM immunity.
For truly compact installations, the RN 33XX receiver systems can be combined with other Becker Prime Line equipment, such as VHFCOM, ADF and ATC transponder presentation in the panel.

The remote receiver units can be controlled by other types of CDU or FMS devices and are ideally suited for use as essential sensors in flight management systems.