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Wireless Intercom System PNG

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PNG is a wireless ICS extension for use both in rotary and fixed wing aircraft that integrates with any vendors’ existing ICS. It provides both full Duplex and secure communication. The system is highly ruggedized and has a robust range. Patented noise reduction capabilities ensure robust reliable communication under any conditions.

PNG supports intercom group configurations, mixing both wireless and wired crew. The outside crew may also remotely access other radio resources such as Tetra, tactical or health radios on a separate PTT.

The PNG transceiver incorporates GPS and outside crew position data is transferred to the aircraft and made available to display on other aircraft systems. A maritime AIS-SART is incorporated within the PNG transceiver. Both position reporting and activation of the beacon may be done by the remote crew if in distress, or remotely from the aircraft.

PNG transceivers are dual band devices, incorporating a separate VHF band radio which enables outside crew to communicate directly with other resources.