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ADF 350Х


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ADF 3500 System Prime Line/Navigation This automatic direction finding system provides outstanding performance for aviation professionals who need excellent range and accuracy as well as the ultimate in reliability. In addition to the standard frequency range of 190.0 kHz to 1799.5 kHz, the ADF 3500 also receives the international maritime distress frequency of 2182 +/- kHz, making it suitable for search and rescue and other offshore operations. It is certified for high altitude operation in turbine powered aircraft.

The receiver is housed in a single compact unit, which complies with ARINC standards. It is light in weight and easy to install (DZUS mounted). Because of their efficient design and rugged construction, ADF 3500 systems have established an enviable record of trouble free service, even in the hostile environments of commercial and coast guard helicopters and in military aircraft installations.

Preselection of a standby frequency enables instant switch over to a second station for position fixing by cross bearings. The low profile combined sense and loop antenna is suitable for mounting on high speed aircraft. Becker RMI converters are available to enable the system to drive most types of indicators.

Dependable optical/electronic, friction-free controls with excellent tactile feedback. Built-in test functions perform a test routine immediately after the system is turned on, checking the receiver, microprocessor and displays. The ADF 3500 systems are certified to the demanding requirements of applicable FAA TSO, JTSO, RTCA, EUROCAE and FTZ specifications.